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AND Pastel

AND Pastel combines the courtyard neighbourhood and urban life for each lifestyle for the users. This project is a microcosm, a miniature of something much larger. 

Cartwright Gardens

The elegant stepped facades on this residential block create a sophisticated design.

Kuzu Kumru

By combining residential and commercial spaces in one of the busiest location in Ankara, Kumru Ankara aims to add colour to urban life.

The Brouwhuis

Nestled in the middle of the woods, among the fens, is Brouwhuis, a house of modest proportions but with phenomenal views of the surrounding area.


Premium housing complex right by the sea.

Torres Kianda

The Kianda Towers are one of the latest projects to change the architectural landscape of downtown Luanda....

Zuiderzicht Nieuw Zuid

"Zuiderzicht" je první z 8 udžitelných rezidenčních věží, která se právě staví na jihu Antverp.


Na úpatí mostu Erasmus v Rotterdamu připravuje developerská společnost Van Wijnen 40 metrů vysokou rezidenční stavbu.

Private House Porto D Maria

VÝHLED NA MOŘEModerní architektura tohoto domu byla navržena tak, aby využila to nejlepší z portugalské oblasti Algarve - úchvatný výhled na moře a klima, které přímo vyz...

Brede school Houthaven

A century ago, cargo ships from all over the world used to unloaded their logs here....

Poolhouse Bergen

Wellness poolhouse designed by UWarchitects

Children's Campus Zuidas

Children’s Campus Zuidas accommodates a primary school, day-care centre, after-school care facilities and sports hall....