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Veranda Brescia

The veranda integrates perfectly with the house, as if it were a natural extension of it; enriches it with an extra space that can be used for example as a dining room, g...

Veb Tower

Veb Tower offers spacious, bright and quiet living appartments.

Next Level

Next Level is a city close to the city with houses 429 houses, 92 apartments and 6 shops. 

A3 Advanced Architecture Apartments

Aesthetics, functionality and longevityare the three components which define the architecture of A3 Apartments in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Enfield Central

The renovation of an iconic 13 storey residential and commercial development in Enfield town centre.

Apex House

Apex House is the tallest modular building in Europe at 28 stories tall. 

Emerald Gardens

Featuring Reynaers CS 77 bottom hung open in window and CS 77 doors, Emerald Gardens is a beautifully presented residential development of 475 dwellings with ground ...

Elementary School 't Groen Drieske

This building is an architectural paragon of energy-effiency and sustainablity. 

Villa X

In a street where villas and bungalows are hidden behind hedges, this new home stands out with its openness....