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Seaside villas Syvota

Neomezený výhled na moře a tradiční řecká architektura

Rodinný dům Černošice

View all images of Rodinný dům Černošice in Černošice, Česká republika and discover the partnerships and used systems.


It was essential to give Médiacité a strong architectural character, the architects were able to bring an international touch to local projects.

Reynaers Campus: Experience Centre

Innovative interaction between architecture and aluminium

11 Sunridge Park

Moderní stavba využívající posuvný systém Reynaers CP 96.

Villa Rotonda

A remarkable fusion of contemporary traditionalism and artisanal modernism


The latest completed project is the monumental ArtGen administrative centre, creating a place for work, art and leisure.

Philips Light Tower Lofts

Na videu níže Vás architekt Paul Diederen vezme na virtuální prohlídku budovy, takže si toto specifické řešení můžete prohlédnout, jako byste tam byli....


The striking building adds a new dominant feature to this architecturally-rich residential and business area.

Joie de Vivre (Street of Dreams)

Joie de Vivre house received no less than 17 of the 21 awards available for the Street of Dreams exhibition.

Service Center Campus Krems

View all images of Service Center Campus Krems in Krems and der Donau, Rakousko and discover the partnerships and used systems.

Four Seasons Hotel

SOM’s 273-bedroom Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain is a new visual anchor in the city with its unusual composition of concrete piers and suspended volumes.