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A Step By Step Guide
5. 197.F200 - Punch tool
6. 197.F300 - Punch tool
7. MasterPatio Tools for drainage frame
8. MasterPatio Tools for coupling frames 

MasterPatio Frame fabrication Part I

  • Corner Connection - Extrusion corner cleats-skrew
  • Corner Connection - Die cast cleats-crimp
  • Mount wheel set
  • Mount lifting gear
  • Install the gaskets
  • Prepare and install chicane
  • finish chicane end-pieces and cap
  • Finish the lock side
  • Install the handle 

MasterPatio Frame fabrication Part II

  • Closing side frame
  • Side frame fixed glass
  • Bottom frame rail PVC
  • Bottom frame glass profile
  • EPDM chicane and drainage
  • Chicane mounting
  • Side profiles fixing to bottom profile
  • Preparing top profile
  • Seating piece chicane top profile assembly
  • Chicane T-connectors top profile and assembly
  • Side profiles assembly
  • Install interlock on chicane
  • Corner connections and seating
  • Fixed glass gaskets assembly
  • Finish chicane
  • Glass supports
  • Top and bottom cover cap installation
  • Fixed glass insulation
  • Fixate the rail
  • Place the vent
  • Install lock receivers
  • Correct distance lock pin
  • Close the gutter 

MasterPatio SlimChicane fabrication

197.F100 - Punch tool

197.F200 - Punch tool

197.F300 - Punch tool

MasterPatio Tools for straight connections

MasterPatio Tools for drainage frame

MasterPatio Tools for coupling frames