Sky Line

Ideally located in the heart of the multimodal hub of the Borderouge district in Toulouse, at the foot of the metro, the Sky Line property complex opened its doors on June 18, 2019. Comprising 7,200 m² divided into two buildings - Sky Line I and Sky Line II - this new building offers the district and its inhabitants a neat and innovative architecture designed by Jean-Pierre Lott. Resolutely oriented towards the future, these two latest generation buildings combine aesthetics and performance. They also have the High Environmental Quality (HEQ) label thanks to their excellent thermal and acoustic performance, in which two Reynaers Aluminium systems participate: the CW 50 curtain wall and the TS 68-HV window with hidden sash.

An innovative architecture, 8000 m² of glass surface

HQE (High Environmental Quality) label thanks to excellent thermal and acoustic performance

Two buildings designed for intensive use

Owned by Keys Selection, Sky Line I has an area of more than 2,000 m² on six levels composed of offices. Sky Line II, composed of close to 4,700 m² of floor space. The 4,700 m² building houses the services of the Maternal and Child Protection Service (PMI) of the city of Toulouse, which acquired this second building. In addition, the two ground floors are dedicated to shops. "The specifications imposed a certain comfort of life for future users. A thermal coefficient (Ucw) of less than 1.6 had to be respected as well as an acoustic attenuation of 30 dB Ratr," explains David Emaille, Regional Director Northwest at Reynaers Aluminium.

"Reynaers Aluminium's CW 50 and TS 68-HV ranges perfectly met these expectations. Due to their thermal performance but also their ease of use. This technical choice was therefore a natural choice. All that remained was to meet the planning challenge to make this operation a joint success. »

A construction site in the spirit of the times that combines beauty, practicality and comfort

This major project was the first in the Toulouse region for our manufacturer and installer partner SOFRADI. It was also a major first for Reynaers Aluminium's TS 68-HV range of windows with French-style openings, approved by the CSTB under DTA No. 6/14-2195 v1. Sky Line was the first building complex to rely on this efficient and aesthetic system. "Result: a total success that has been repeated many times with all our partners," emphasizes Reynaers Aluminium's Northwest Regional Director. For good reason, "the upright appearance of the system accentuates the fineness of the aluminium masses and brings brightness and transparency to the façade; the hidden opening mechanism visually improves the coherence of the fixed parts and the opening parts; for installers, this mechanism is highly appreciated for the simplicity of the adjustment."

Optimal living comfort for users thanks to innovative aesthetics and high thermal and acoustic performance.

Technical analysis

by David EMAILLE, Regional Director Northwest, Reynaers Aluminium


What are the advantages and technical features of Reynaers Aluminium's TS 68-HV and CW 50 systems?

For TS 68-HV windows: thermal performance and hidden opening mechanism; for CW 50 facades: ease of manufacture and installation.

In which type of project have they already been implemented?

The CW 50 range has been a tried and tested range for many years, but has continued to improve. Even today, it still offers various options such as 700 kg weight gain, extreme thermal performance (Uf : 0.72 W/m²K) and unobstructed designs with the ML solution that allows manufacturers to respond to the most complex architectural designs (upright, crossbar...).


What have been the benefits of these systems for the various stakeholders in the Sky Line project?

The ease of installation and adjustment of the sashes for the manufacturer/applicator, and the total respect for the architect's signature.

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